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Beards, Facial Hair, and Moustaches in the United States and Other Countries

A beard is simply the hair that grows on the neck, top lip, chin, inner lip, cheeks and sometimes some non-Human animals. In humans, generally only adult or adolescent males are capable of growing facial beards. Some women who have hormonal imbalance can also grow a beard as part of their sexual role playing. Most people don’t like facial hair, so facial beards are generally accepted by society.

There are several different types of beards in the world of romania. These beards can be short or long. Some beards are called Comvita, Cappuccia or Gorilla. In addition to being called beard they are also called; pimpinati, russet, gladiators, gladiator beard and swine’s beard.

Generally speaking, the majority of men in the modern world shave their beards, usually for work, however in some regions (e.g., Turkey, Russia) men shave their beards in public. It is considered to be extremely rude not to shave your beard, in fact, in many areas, it is illegal not to shave your beards, while other men may go against the social norm by keeping their beards long and clean-shaven. For instance, in Turkey, men who shave their beards are subject to police action, while in some areas a clean-shaven man is considered to be more “masculine” and powerful.

For this article I am going to use my own definition of beards. For anyone not familiar with the term beards, here it is: A beard is a strip of hair that typically grows in the front of the neck, extending up to about one-third of the height of the head. The most common areas to grow long beards are around the ears, on the sides of the face, neck, chest, shoulders and upper back. They do not necessarily have to be all one color, though they tend to be. A typical color would be black, brown, gray, red or shaggy.

In looking at the definition above, it is apparent that the use of scissors to trim beards is antediluvian, as the majority of our ancestors never had their beards trimmed, yet we still enjoy the ability to trim beards, use tweezers to pull them down or crop the tops. However, the United States has changed, so now men shave their beards long and clean-shaven in much the same way that women dress their hair. However, there are some unique differences, which I will discuss below.

One difference between the shaving of beards worn by the elite of ancient Rome and modern day grooming is the use of a comb. In the ancient world, the comb was used to separate hair into groups, such as those belonging to the different areas of the head, which were then combed to form smooth hair. As you can see from the above example, the comb is used for more than just hair removal. It also can be used to style hair, as well as cite the type of foods that must be used in order to properly prepare food for consumption during a meal.

A neat, clean-shaven face is a reflection of cleanliness, which is why the LDS men (men of the LDS church) are encouraged to maintain a clean-shaven face throughout their lives. Also, in my personal experience, when I have served as a stake missionary work in different countries, the young men of those nations shave their beards, even though the practice is not sanctioned there. This practice is considered “taboo” and has no allowance in the LDS ward meeting. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with them wearing a small beard (known as a “moustache”) during missionary work in Japan, or for instance, in Latin American countries. It’s all according to the governments’ dietary requirements.

In short, when it comes to beards and facial hair in the United States and other Western countries, you have options, as far as facial hair goes, both cultural and practical. However, the choice should be between either having a clean-shaven face or a clean-shaven moustache. You can do without either one, but I’ve never met a man who really liked having a beard, no matter what he did with it. And if you don’t care whether you ever get to shave your beard off, then I’d advise you to simply integrate a nice, clean-shaven moustache into your facial hair.

LC Stephens

What started out as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!

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