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24 Best Beard Styles for Men

24 Best Beard Styles For Men

Throughout the history of fashion and style, men have often been limited to what they can experiment with. There’s no hiding behind the fact that fashion is predominantly a woman’s world. So, when the trendy beards and different beard styles came into play, men finally had a chance to get creative with their hair.

This opened up the door to endless beard styles possibilities and new looks that continue to be popular today. If you’re growing a beard, or already have a mighty beautiful mane, and looking for ways to make it even better, then these beard styles should help you out.

1. Van Dyke Beard 

We’re starting with something pretty attractive here. Named after a 17th-century painter, this beard style leaves the cheeks bare, followed by a mustache and goatee around your lips. If you’re feeling daring, you can curl the mustache at each side. Without a doubt, you’ll be turning heads with this look, not to mention everyone will remember your face with this style. One of the top beard styles in 2019.

2. Beard and Moustache Combo

If you like the sound of the Van Dyke look, but aren’t quite ready to minimize your fluff, then get mindful of the combo. Your mustache and your beard are one entity. You could still curl your mustache here and remember to use beard oil and trim it as necessary.

3. The Full Beard


This is when you just grow your beard to its full potential, even down to your knees, if you want. Whatever you do, grooming is vital! Keep it combed, nicely trimmed, and don’t be afraid to splash some haircare products on. The same applies to your mustache. Historically one the main go to beard styles.

4. The Classic

Everyone loves a classic, that’s why it’s a classic. This facial hairstyle isn’t kept too long or too short! We like to refer to this as the working man’s beard if you will. It’ll stay out your way (and your food) while looking trendy as heck. A well-groomed hairstyle is paired nicely with this.

5. The Yeard

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted. The yeard is growing out your beard and head hair and letting it run wild. No grooming is necessary; even a hair cut might be too fancy for this do. This works for any face shape, just be careful you don’t get mistaken for a yeti.

6. The Bushy Beard

This style is all about texture. It can work well if you’re trying to accentuate a jawline or fill out a thin face. You can achieve this look by back-combing and adding spray, or any other product that will aid with a thick texture. Be mindful of your head hair, though. Keep this quite short and wavy, or straight and mid-length/long. Your beard is the focal point here.

7. Dutch

This has a lumberjack feel to it but works well for those not keen on the mustache. This beard style is grown from the sideburns to around the chin, and no mustache. This is a style best suited to oval or diamond-shaped heads. If you want to stand out from the crowd and try it alongside your square jaw, be warned that it can over accentuate this feature.

8. Beards for a Round Face

If you have a round-shaped face, then you might be seeking your beard to try and hide it a bit. The beard should manage to help you out here. Fuller beards work best for this face shape, and they can be short of long. However, having it too long might add too much bulk.

9. The Fade

This beard style entails a nice fade from the sideburns to the beard itself. To achieve the best kind of fading beard, keep the faded part nicely trimmed. The chin part of the beard must remain long – about 3 inches from the chin – and have a square look at the front. This looks good with a wavy texture.

10. Shaved Head

Having a shaved head with a beard is a pretty cool look to be able to pull off. It works with any kind of beard too. Longer beards can make the look more dramatic. We wouldn’t recommend handle-bars though, as it just looks a bit odd.

11. Curly Hair with Beard

There’s nothing that shouts rugged and wild, quite like a curly hairdo with a beard. Differentiating the texture between the head hair and facial hair can create an attractive contrast. Putting a glossy hair product in the curls, or hairspray can help them hold. It’ll also tempt your date to run their hands through it!

12. Hair Slicked Back

This was an incredibly trendy look for a while and still looks sophisticated. It’s an ideal look for work, meetings, or a night out. Keep the beard trimmed, and comb a thin layer of gel through the hair as you brush it back. This works great for long hair that is styled into a bun or ponytail, too.

13. Man Bun and Beard

This look has been worn by many celebrities, including Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhaal. This looks good with a fuller beard for a more dynamic look. Alternatively, a man bun with stubble looks excellent. This makes the head hair look longer and fuller.

14. Pompadour

While we’re on hairstyles that add a je ne sais quoi to your bearded do, pairing it with a pompadour is an appealing option. Some may know a pompadour under the term ‘quiff,’ and it’ll add a sophisticated and youthful look to any man any age. You can make your pompadour and beard combo sleek, neat and trimmed, or slightly windswept, ruffled, and blasé.

15. The Patchy Beard

Not all men are lucky enough to grow thick and flowing facial hair. Some of you will know the patchy beard appearance all too well. Fear not; this is a look! Keanu Reeves has been known to rock this do. It’s best paired with a short, rugged hairdo.

16. Moustache

If you’re not too keen on the beard side of your facial hair, then opting for a mustache on its own could be your go-to. They are best suited to those with a distinct or quirky style, and always keep them groomed. Why not try handle-bars?

17. Balbo

The Balbo look is easy to maintain, and suits just about any face shape and hairstyle. To achieve the Balbo, sideburns have to be shaved off, as well as the handle-bars from your mustache. This will leave it completely separate from the other part of your beard.

18. Messy Hair

Your head hair really can make or break your beard, so keeping that looking fly will create an eye-catching overall look. The messy-hair look is attractive on every gender. However, there’s a fine line between messy and looking like you haven’t brushed it in years. Sleep with a bun at night and apply mousse to get that ruffled effect.

19. Go Grey

Ever heard the term silver fox? If you’re going grey, or have gone grey, don’t let this put you off growing your facial hair. Grey hair with a grey beard can look very dapper. You must make sure that you’re kept groomed. Otherwise, it can seem more haggard than the silver fox.

20. The Shaped Beard

The bottom of a beard is often left to do what it wants, but sometimes this can look scraggly. Give your beard some definition and trim it down the sides, down to the bottom. This will give a pointed shape. This is a style that’s easy to do by yourself with just a pair of scissors.

21. Biker Beard

If you fancy yourself a bit Sons of Anarchy, then a big and brave beard is the only way forward. The biker beard tends to focus on the hair around the chin, with cheeks and mustache much shorter. Keeping this groomed isn’t too important, there’s nothing badass about that.

22. Short Style

Sometimes a long beard is a lot to maintain, doesn’t bode well with the workplace, or just doesn’t suit you. You can keep the masculine look by growing a beard that’s short and well-trimmed. Let the hair grow all over the face; just keep it to a short length and shave the neck. Maintenance is critical here to avoid uneven growth.

23. Short and Textured

This will be relatively similar to the short style, but with a little less trimming. Trim at the cheeks, then let your hair flow a bit more at the lower cheeks/chin area. Let your moustache grow a bit too, to complete the textured look. This goes well with a head of hair with the same qualities.

24. Stubble

Stubble, the epitome of sexy! Every man looks better with a bit of stubble, which is a good starting point if you’re unsure about the a full beard. Keep in mind, you must keep stubble at a minimal length. Stubble can suits most face shape, and hair length, so give it a go.


When it comes to growing out a beard, your possibilities and beard styles are endless. Best of luck, and have fun on this journey!

LC Stephens

What started out as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!

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