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Top Mustache Trimmer/Beard Trimmers You Can Buy in 2020

Top Mustache Trimmer/Beard Trimmers You Can Buy In 2020

Looking to purchase a brand-new sophisticated beard trimmer and mustache trimmer? You’ve come to the right place. Purchasing a new trimmer is an important investment that affects your beard to a great extent. Faulty trimmers can result in an uneven, ugly shave or even break after you’ve used it a few times, thus wasting your money unnecessarily. If you’re after a long-lasting trimmer that won’t let you down, you can consider the products listed below.

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 Hatteker 5-in-1 Beard Trimming Kit – Mustache Trimmer

Hatteker offers a 1-year guarantee on its trimming kit, which is unusually long for a trimmer. Apart from that, it also provides a rechargeable li-ion battery, self-sharpening blades, and 12 attachments. Costing just $37 in most case, it’s also fully washable, thus allowing you to rinse the trimmers and blades after you’re done with it. This trimming kit also comes with nose and ear trimmers, one precision trimmer, mustache trimmer, an extra-wide trimmer, a full-size trimmer, and a body groomer.  

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Remington PG6025

This trimmer is priced at just $20 and is an excellent choice for people looking for budget-oriented options. It can handle a wide range of beard styles and comes with 14 different settings and self-sharpening razor blades. It is also cordless and can last for 70 minutes per charge. There is also a soft trimmer pouch that you can use for storing your trimmer during your travels.

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Panasonic Beard and Mustache Trimmer ER-GB42-S

Need an efficient trimmer that can be used both inside and outside the shower? Consider the ER-GB40-S by Panasonic. While its name isn’t exactly easy on the tongue, it provides impressive features, all for $37.  19 adjustable beard settings, rechargeable batteries, power-efficient charging stand, and dry wet convenience are just some of the many features offered by the ER-GB40-S.

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Wahl Groomsman

You can use the Wahl Groomsman for trimming your nose hair, beard, and mustache. These trimmers are available with a handy carrier case, 2 different power settings that allow it to be charged anywhere in the world, and a strong rechargeable battery. International travelers can derive maximum benefits from this trimmer. It uses high-carbon blades that guarantee a smooth, gentle shave. The Groomsman is priced at $20 and is a bargain at this price. 


Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 – Mustache Trimmer

Featuring innovative DualCut technology, the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 happens to be a sharp, stainless steel razor, which can eliminate the requirement for using beard oil and increase the quality of the shave. With a fiberglass-reinforced cutting guard and tempered steel-reinforced drivetrain, it can counter any beard it is used to trim. With 23 different settings, you can also select the length you would like your beard to have after the trimming session. At under $50, this trimmer is a value-for-money product. 

Braun Multi-Grooming

Braun Multi-Grooming Kit 9-In-1 Precision Trimmer

Braun’s Precision Trimmer comes with thirteen different beard length settings and can aid you in achieving the beard style you’ve always been dreaming about. This trimming kit also provides trimmers for your nose, ears, hair, and face along with a body groomer and clean shave sharp razor. It is a high-quality trimming kit that can handle any beard grooming needs and costs around $55. While it is on the expensive side of things, it’s a worthwhile investment that will pay off in the long run.

In Conclusion

This list contains a number of beard trimmers that are all priced below or around $50. If you are on the market for a better, upgraded beard trimmer, these trimmers can all be worthwhile investments. 

LC Stephens

What started out as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!

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