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Health Benefits and How To Grow a Beard

Health Benefits And How To Grow A Beard

You’re probably a fan of well-groomed beards and how to grow a beard (Why else would you be here?). You might have one yourself or maybe you’re considering your options and researching everything there is to know. If you haven’t yet started growing a beard, here are a few reasons that will convince you to do so.

how to grow a beard

They Improve Your Looks

Beards are cool, no matter what anyone tells you. Several studies have shown that women like men with beards better since they look more masculine and rugged. Apart from all the various health benefits you stand to gain; you can also improve your chances in the dating world.

They Prevent Signs of Aging From Appearing On Your Body

Being exposed to the Sun can cause a ton of problems. It causes premature aging, skin cancer, and dry skin. However, since beards shield you from sunlight, they can also help defend you against the harmful effects of excessive sunlight by blocking it from reaching your body.

They Minimize the Risks of Contracting Skin Cancer

A beard can protect your skin from excessive sunlight. Most people neglect their sunscreen and don’t wear protective gear at all. Beards enable you to protect your facial area from the effects of such negligence. Apart from fending off sunburns, it will also lower skin cancer risks. People with well-groomed beards have lower chances of developing skin cancer and other skin conditions.

Beards Can Cure Your Asthma

Apart from protecting you against diseases, beards can filter other environmental pollutants as well. Your beard can trap allergens and reduce your exposure to them thus lowering your allergy symptoms to acceptable levels.

They Can Protect You Against Throat Infections

Beards offer a protective layer between your environment and you. Whenever an annoying throat virus, like a cold, is in the vicinity, a beard can prevent it from entering your body. However, you must also ensure that you clean your beard regularly – at least 2 times a day for rinsing out bacteria stuck in your beard.

It Can Help Your Face Retain Its Warmth

While it does seem quite obvious, it is also true. A beard can act like a comfy blanket that warms your face and chin. Whenever the mercury levels start falling outside, a well-groomed beard will ensure that your face remains toasty warm. Since most of the body’s heat escapes through the skull, a beard can also help you retain heat throughout your body as well.

Beards Can Reduce Acne

Shaving results in dry skin, ingrown hairs, & razor irritation issues, which can cause your skin to produce excess oil, leading to an acne breakout. But beards can help you treat acne and control the production of natural oil by your skin. Therefore, if you’re prone to having breakouts near the jawline or the chin, grow a beard.

In Conclusion

While beard requires some effort at first, they come with a range of benefits, which make them completely worth it. People who are interested in growing their beards – start right this moment to enjoy its benefits at the earliest!

LC Stephens

What started out as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!

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