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A Quick Guide to Proper Mustache Trimming / Mustache Trimmers

A Quick Guide To Proper Mustache Trimming / Mustache Trimmers

Having a well-trimmed mustache can enhance your overall look and attractiveness. If you are in a fix about how you can groom yours properly, here’s a brief guide to trimming your mustache like a true pro using a mustache trimmers.

Set Up the Things You Need

Things can get slightly messy while you trim your mustache. In order to ease your burden after the trimming, either place a newspaper on the counter or trim your hair at the sink. Next, get your mustache trimming kit out and keep them nearby. You will need a mirror, a beard conditioner and shampoo, a comb, and electric mustache trimmers. You’ll also need a moisturizer that you can apply after the trimming, like argan or jojoba oil.

Wash the Mustache Thoroughly

After you’ve got your kit nearby, you can start trimming your mustache. Firstly, clean your hair by rinsing it thoroughly and applying beard shampoo (You can also go for regular shampoo, no worries). After lathering up the mustache, proceed by rinsing the shampoo out. Apply the conditioner next, which will ensure that the hairs of your mustache and beard are smooth enough. This will prevent the growth of itchy ingrown hair as well. You can rinse the conditioner out and proceed to dry the mustache properly.

Comb the Mustache

After drying your mustache completely, comb it well using the beard comb. Ensure that all your hairs are facing the very same direction since this reduces friction. Don’t throw it away just yet – You’ll need the comb again.

Start Trimming Your Hair

Firstly, use the electric mustache trimmer for trimming the hair that’s directly above the mouth. This can be done by viewing your reflection in your mirror & maintaining a strictly neutral expression on your face as you cut your long hair. Use your mustache trimmers for trimming the hair located directly underneath your nose as well.

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Trim Your Mustache

This step is optional and is totally up to you. However, if you would like to thin your mustache out, consider using your scissors and a beard comb. Use the latter for protecting your mustache hairs from being trimmed too small. Proceed to trim everything else as per your requirement.

Finish it up!

That’s all, it’s over! If you want to, you can also apply a soft moisturizer and style it in a manner that suits you. You can trim your hair as per your own schedule – Every person’s hair growth takes place at their own pace. Therefore, you might have to experiment to find out how often you’ll need to get your beard and mustache trimmed. 

LC Stephens

What started out as a quest to style my beard, has turned into my passion to educate other men around all aspects of beard styles. Despite all of the different styles and products, I wanted to make this simple for everyone. Knowledge is power!

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