If you have found yourself not doing any hobbies for men, it’s high time to start. The choice is so wide and versatile that you will definitely be able to find something that resonates with you. When picking out a hobby, you will need to consider several factors, such as its difficulty, location, price and others. So, what are some cool hobbies? To help you make the right and easy choice, we have prepared the list of the best hobbies a man can do.


    Finding A Hobby In The Adulthood

    You live thinking that you are a fulfilled person, and then comes the time when you suddenly realize, I need a hobby. And right after it, how do I find a hobby I like? Don’t worry. There are plenty of hobbies for adults as well as the ways to find them. Here are some proven methods:

    1. Your childhood hobbies, as they were the most genuine.
    2. Trying out different ideas to see if they suit you.
    3. A hobby that will get you fully absorbed.
    4. Something you enjoyed doing in the past.
    5. Examine your guilty pleasures and try out a hobby related to them.
    6. Analyze your discontent and think about how you can change it.
    7. Something that you were so into that you missed your meal.

    Also, to find your niche, you can complete the quick survey below and depending on your result, choose an appropriate hobby.

    • What was your favorite activity in the adolescence?
    • What can aid you in relieving stress?
    • What guilty pleasures do you have?
    • What changes would you make to yourself?
    • What absolutely absorbing activity did you do recently?


    Now that you have the answers to the questions that will help you to identify your potential hobby, let’s look at the list of hobbies that a great many men find the most interesting. So, what are they – big boys hobbies?

    • Spear Fishing
      To be honest, spare fishing is more about hunting than fishing. However, it’s still one of the fun hobbies you can take up. Ensure though that you have a fishing license, as you don’t want any troubles afterward, do ya?
    • Martial Arts
      Do you need a really stress-relieving activity? Than such martial arts as Taekwondo, krav maga, jujutsu, judo and the like should be your hobby of choice. Be careful, however, not to hurt anybody too much, including yourself.
    • Offroading
      This is actually one of the most common hobbies for men. Although you can do it alone, it’s much more fun with a couple of good friends who can tow you from a swamp if needed.
    • Hiking
      Even though you won’t have to learn any specific skill for this hobby, it’s nevertheless interesting and entertaining. Besides, it helps you to keep fit without making much effort.
    • Skiing/Snowboarding
      Both skiing and snowboarding belong to one of the most popular hobbies for men in winter or if you can afford to go somewhere where there’s a ski slope all year round.
    • Motorcycling
      Motorcycling will provide you with a multitude of intense emotions. It’s freedom, challenge and a pinch of danger.
    • Boxing
      If you want a really masculine hobby that will help you to become more confident and fit, then boxing is your way to go.
    • Running
      Running is one of those good hobbies that are beneficial for your body and brain. Besides, it doesn’t require any special skills.
    • Practicing Survival Skills
      This could be considered as a rather dangerous hobby. However, it’s not. Instead, you will learn how to survive when in danger.
    • Surfing
      Basically, all hobbies for men that feature water are a good idea, and surfing is no exception.

    Cheap Hobbies

    However, some of the hobbies for men listed above can be quite pricey. What to do if you want to find a hobby that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Again, no worries. We got your back here too. Here’s the list of hobbies and interests that will fit your budget.

    • Reading
      Reading is one of those cheap hobbies that your mind benefits greatly from. It helps you to know more and to worry less, which is a perfect formula.
    • Astronomy
      Have you always been fascinated by the night sky? Can you stare at it for hours? Then you should definitely have Astronomy on your hobbies list.
    • Writing
      Or maybe, you have uncovered your hidden talent for writing? So, what are you waiting for? Grab any writing tool and give it a go!
    • Whittling
      Although whittling is quite an outdated kind of handicraft, you can still find it quite satisfying. In addition to a challenge you are faced with, you’ll surely have a bunch of handmade stuff that will work perfectly as presents for your family and friends.
    • Volunteering
      Nice deeds fully pay off. You don’t need any reasons actually to become a volunteer. Why haven’t you done it yet anyway?
    • Doing Magic Tricks
      Magical tricks are not only about pulling out a rabbit from the hat and sawing a woman in half. There are much more of them.
    • Performing Stand Up Comedy
      Do all of your friends always laugh at your jokes? Why don’t you give them a full stand up performance? Ensure though that they do it sincerely, not as a courtesy or out of pity.
    • Learning A Foreign Language
      This is a very useful skill that you should be doing no matter whether you are looking for new hobbies or not. It will almost certainly come in handy one day.
    • Treasure Hunting
      Have you ever wanted to try on the role of Captain Jack Sparrow? Bet you have. Now you got such a chance. Go hunting for treasures and find your chest full of gold.
    • Gardening
      Although gardening is sometimes considered a hobby for housewives, you can easily prove it wrong. It can be quite a masculine activity. Everything depends on your attitude and approach.


    Rainy-Day Hobbies For Men

    Source: Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock

    In case you’re not a particularly outdoor person or it’s just raining outside, there are still plenty of awesome indoor hobbies to pursue.

    • Playing Pool
      Again, this is the kind of hobby you would enjoy more if doing with friends. However, playing alone also has its advantages. You’ll get plenty of practice, thus mastering the skill to perfection.
    • Smoking Meats
      If you haven’t smoked meat yet, it’s high time to try it. No purchased smoked meat can compare to the one you cooked yourself.
    • Restoring Classic Cars
      Are you quite a handyman who likes classic autos? Why don’t you take advantage of it and start to restore antique vehicles?
    • War Gaming
      No, we haven’t mistaken the age category. You still can play war but not from the position of a soldier but as a general. This will help you improve your skills in strategic planning and generally bring you joy.
    • Painting
      Even if you don’t have a talent for painting, it’s not the reason not to do it. This activity isn’t only about the result. It’s for the process as well.
    • Crossword Puzzles
      To train your brain and expand knowledge, solving crossword puzzles is one of the best hobbies ideas.
    • Playing Darts
      Here’s another hobby that is better to do with your friends. Playing dart will greatly contribute to the solidness of your friendship, as healthy competition can never hurt anybody.
    • Sculpting
      Sculpting helps you unleash your creativity, so let it go as far as your imagination allows.
    • Playing Chess
      If you want to memorize things better and solve problems faster, then it’s hard to think of a better hobby than chess. Also, it’s a great preventative measure of Alzheimer.
    • Poker
      This card game is highly popular for good reason. It improves your memory and brings you some cash.

    Hobbies For Two

    Though, if you are a busy person and don’t have enough family time, you don’t have to sacrifice it for the sake of your hobby. There is a myriad of interesting hobbies to engage in with your significant other.

    • Golfing
      Golf is considered one of the best hobbies for men and women as well. Thus, it’s a good idea to play it together.
    • Mountain Biking
      If you and your better half try to maintain good health yet want to enjoy your workout routine, go cycling to the mountains. In addition to great fitness training, you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking sceneries.
    • Cooking
      Cooking is among those hobby ideas that are not only enjoyable but also practical. Spending some quality time together in the kitchen can result in strengthening your bond and having something delish for dinner.
    • Traveling
      For some couples, traveling is the best way to spend time together. Why not transfer it to your hobby list?
    • River Rafting/Kayaking
      Some hobby ideas may be a bit dangerous, so make sure you are aware of all of the risks. However, the emotions that such hobbies for men give both of you are unforgettable.
    • Ballroom Dancing
      Even though you may never show your dance to anybody except for your trainer and groupmates, practicing ballroom dancing is a really intimate and romantic activity. It makes your relationship only stronger, as it allows you to feel the partner better.
    • Practicing Yoga
      Have you always noticed how absorbed and concentrated your sweetheart is when she’s doing her yoga? Have you ever considered joining her? If not, then the time has come.
    • Becoming A Film Buff
      Everybody like watching movies, but how many of us know how they are created? Starting the film buff hobby opens you up to the whole new world of cinematography.
    • Museum/Art Gallery Hopping
      When was the last time you enjoyed fine art? Can’t remember? In that case, your next outing should be either to a museum or to an art gallery.
    • Tennis
      Playing tennis is good for both your health and relationship. You do the whole body workout and alleviate stress at the same time.


    Profitable Hobbies For Men

    Yet, good hobbies for men bring you not only pleasure but also profit. In a financial sense, of course.

    • Distilling
      When it comes to alcohol, you can rest assured that it’s always in demand. So, distilling bourbon, scotch or other alcoholic drinks will definitely bring you an obvious financial benefit. Also, it’s one of those unique hobbies that always make you a welcome guest at any event.
    • Blacksmithing
      Another art form that came to us from ancient times is blacksmithing. Creating and selling your handcrafted metal pieces can transform into a profitable business.
    • Woodworking
      If metal doesn’t carry you away, maybe wood will resonate with you more? No matter what items you’re going to do, you will surely find your customer.
    • Home Brewing
      Are you a beer expert? Turn this knowledge to your good by starting to make your personal sort of beer at home.
    • Investing
      There are two main spheres you can invest in: stock market and real estate. Both of them can bring you huge revenue in the long run.
    • Practicing Photography
      Do you enjoy taking photos of people and events? Maybe, you like editing them as well? Then you’re bound to make it your paying hobby.
    • Furniture Making
      There such good hobbies for men as making furniture. It will allow you to both save up on buying these pieces for your home and raise some money selling your products to others.
    • Blogging
      A blogger, a vlogger or an influencer – no matter how you call it, the idea behind this notion is the same – you tell people what you are up to using social media.
    • Making Videos
      This hobby isn’t far away from the previous one. The only difference is that you film not your daily life but episodes devoted to some specific topics and/or events.
    • Podcasting
      Did you always enjoy listening podcasts on the radio while commuting? How about creating them yourself?

    Hobbies For Men In Their 50s And Older

    Of course, the list of hobbies for men wouldn’t be full without the activities for retired guys and those who stepped into their 50s or over. So, let’s sort it out, what is a good hobby for a 50 year old man?

    • Infuse Alcohol
      Almost all fun hobbies for men feature alcohol and this one is no exception. It allows you to create your own flavor of the drink, so be ready to give your imagination freedom.
    • Beekeeping
      Beekeeping is regarded as one of rather dangerous outdoor hobbies. However, it’s so satisfying! Besides, you can transform it into business, which is very profitable.
    • Shooting/Marksmanship
      Shooting is among the best hobbies for guys, as it invokes their virility. Besides, there are so many types of it that you won’t get bored for sure.
    • Playing Music
      It’s never too late to discover your hidden talents for music playing or writing. Such creative hobbies are both fascinating and noble.
    • Being A Cigar Aficionado
      If you smoke a cigar once in a while, it doesn’t make you aficionado yet. However, you have all the chances to become one, so why not give it a shot?
    • Improving Your Memory
      It’s not that you will just remember the names of new people faster. Better memory contributes to the level of your intelligence, so its benefits are obvious.
    • Collecting Model Trains
      No, it won’t mean that you’re falling back into childhood. This is just another form of collecting things, and trains are generally a good choice.
    • Vinyl Record Collecting
      Despite having an impressive collection, you don’t have to listen to them. So, you can simply enjoy this retro data carrier as a piece of history.
    • Playing The Piano
      If you had a dream as a child to play the piano, it’s high time to make it come true. Or even if you know how to play, then simply don’t stop and improve your performance.
    • Grilling
      If you choose grilling as one of your hobbys, then you can rest assured that you will always be surrounded by your family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good barbecue anyway?

    What Is The Most Manly Thing To Do?

    If you consider yourself an extremely virile man, then it is most likely that you would like to have a hobby that would allow you to show it off. To help you out with some really manly activities, here is the list of the best ideas:

    • Working out while looking cool and listening to manly music.
    • Building something with your hands.
    • Wood crafts.
    • Playing a musical instrument, such as a guitar.
    • Sports activities that boost your adrenaline level.
    • Inking your body with a meaningful or prominent tattoo.
    • Incorporating a leather jacket into your wardrobe.
    • Riding a motorbike or speed driving (don’t forget safety though).
    • Yelling at football players on the TV.
    • Making a fortune.

    As you can tell, there are so many hobbies for men to choose from that you will definitely find your calling. They vary in difficulty, cost, number of people engaged and the venue. We sincerely wish you to enjoy all of your hobbies whatever they will be!


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