It’s not easy being a fuck boi. There’s a list of criteria you must always meet if you want to ensure you are good at being a player. This guide will provide the tips that will help you master the one-night stand without regret.


    Fuckboy Definition

    If you still do not know what a fuck boy is, we will try to give you a heads-up. The Fboy definition is more complicated than it seems, as the term has more than a single meaning. While in the past, it suggested someone who behaved in an inappropriate way, nowadays the Fuckboy meaning is quite specific. The term was most certainly popularized during the hip-hop era when it was frequently used in many hip-hop as well as rap music tracks. An F boy is a guy who does not care about the girl’s feelings, using her only to satisfy his sexual interest and boost his ego. He will tell her just anything to get what he wants from her, be it sex or something else. He knows a lot about girls and uses it to seduce them. Though, he is not interested in a relationship, so do not expect any commitment from him.


    What Does It Mean To Be A Fuckboy?

    A fuckboy. You’ve heard of them. Possibly even been one. In the event you’ve dated several people, you might have had sour relationship endings where you’ve been the recipient of rants and hateful spews from the victims that you’ve heartbroken. Because that’s what fuckboys do. They mess with your feelings. Fuckboys often pretend they are seeking a relationship. They might even wine and dine a new catch a few good times before their true intentions become clear. A player and bachelor at heart, a fuckboy has one universal law- never get tied down.

    The Lawbook Of The Fu*kboy Club

    Now that you know what is a fuck boy, it’s time to check whether you fall under the fuck boy definition. So, follow our guide and bring in some improvements should you need any.


    Rule 1: Always Look Your Best

    The first rule of being a fuckboy is keeping tabs on your appearance. Lots of guys in this coveted player’s club know that working out and dressing well scores many opportunities. Keep yourself in good shape and well- groomed at all times. If you are active on dating sites, make sure your profile pictures capture you looking your best, and always having fun. A gleaming smile, a trendy fuckboy haircut, and a nice physique will always work in your favor.

    Rule 2: Choose Your Words Carefully

    A successful fuckboy has mastered the art of texting, and sexting. You want to be as emotionally-unavailable as possible. So that means you need to play hard to get a little bit, and always have an air of mystery about you. Fuckboys do not send good morning texts. That will immediately put you into potential boyfriend zone, which is the last thing you want. When it comes to being single and flirting around, the only texts you really need to send are booty calls.


    Rule 3: Go Hunting After Getting Drunk

    A generous amount of alcohol is an unfailing friend of every fuck boi. When you’re hanging out somewhere at the nightclub or bar, don’t even think about hitting on a girl until you’ve had at least half a dozen shots. When you’re filled up, approach your target, which is the girl you’re planning on leaving the venue with. If she blows you off, it’s the right time to remind your exes what a hunk they’ve lost. Even if you end up having the worst hangover ever, it’s surely worth it. Besides, alcohol being your BFF will cover you up when you send messages with your most sincere apologies for the lewd behavior earlier.

    Rule 4: Don’t Buy A Pig In A Poke

    No matter what you buy, there’s always a preview option. The same concerns the girls. You want to see what you’re offered unpacked. So, don’t hesitate to ask her for some nude photos whether it’s random snapshots of the parts of her body or her full-length studio portraits. Mind though that she has equal rights to request the same kind of pictures from you, and f*ckboys respect that right, so be prepared to strip up.

    Rule 5: Switch On An Ignoring Mode When An Ex Appears On The Horizon

    Fuck boys can’t be friends with their exes no matter whether it’s a long-term relationship (fortnight utmost) or a one night stand. Thus, when some of them enter your proximity, pretend as if you see her for the first time. Or, even better, pretend as if you don’t see her at all. In this way, you’ll avoid an awkward conversation and unnecessary excuses. Besides, if you leave the nightclub or bar with nothing, meaning nobody, you can always ask your ex out again explaining that you simply haven’t recognized her that damn good she looked. Thus, your previous encounters become your rainy-day fund.


    Rule 6: Kindle The Fire

    Although a genuine fuck boy can never be forgotten, it’s always a safe bet to remind all of your girls of yourself. A flirty message every now and then paired with a double tap on all of her social media photos will do the job. If a girl is really good at something you particularly enjoy, you can even wish her a happy birthday (say hello to social media automatic reminders). In this way, when you ask her out, it won’t look either suspicious or unexpected.

    Rule 7: Don’t Be The Loner – Go With Your Pack

    Even though there’s no official Fuckboy club yet, there’s definitely the one that nobody speaks of but everybody knows. You’ll hardly ever find so much solidarity and support anywhere but in the Fuckboy community. Your fellas will help you out in instances when you bump into somebody you humped. You can rely on them when you’re not sure how to hook up with a chick or simply need somebody to get your back. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Don’t break from the pack.

    Rule 8: Earn Her Trust

    You want to make her trust you. Though it does not happen overnight, you can still try. First, you should switch on your pickup mode and flirt with her. But, be very careful. She should not unravel your evil plans straight away. Before she starts to suspect something, pretend like nothing has really happened and that is only a figment of her imagination.

    Next, you should bare your damaged soul in front of her and reveal her all your emotional scars. This will work as a trigger and will make her instantly feel sorry for you. Almost certainly she will want to become your savior. Do not forget to emphasize that you do not share such private things with just anybody. This will make her feel special.

    Finally, show her your emotional awareness. She should know that all your previous affairs have made you wounded and now you are afraid to open up to somebody else. Yet, stress that you want your relationship with her to advance, as you can be vulnerable around her. Such a move will work as a distractor from your lies for her. Besides, it will allow you to dump her without an explanation, as she has been informed beforehand.


    Rule 9: Be Really Good In Bed

    That, actually, goes without saying. Mind though that she should not know that you are so good thanks to your vast experience. Again, you should make her feel special, thus everything you do in bed is aimed at pleasing her, not boosting your fuckboy ego.

    Rule 10: Don’t Be Afraid To Flirt With Other Girls

    Healthy jealousy will not hurt anybody. In your case, unhealthy is even better. In case she catches you when you are trying to hook up with somebody on social media or at the party, pretend like she has made everything up and you are just being nice to your good old friend, even if it is a girlfriend. Or, if you feel confident enough, then admit it and pull the wool over her eyes that you are only into her.

    Rule 11: Don’t Get Locked Down

    The next rule of advice? Keep things as casual as possible. You do not really want a long-term relationship that requires holiday companionship, gift-giving or even worse- continuous dates with the same person. So, avoid the relationship topic at all costs. If your sex partner asks where things are going you may want to run to the nearest exit. Being locked in a budding relationship takes time, effort, and closes the door on all other potential mates. So, drop that like it’s HOT.


    Rule 12: Be Careful Whose Heart You Break

    If you’re going to be a fuckboy it helps to understand sometimes the heart you break could be your own. If you stumble across a valuable partner, you might want to think twice about hitting it and quitting it. Just like there are many fuckboys in the sea, there are plenty of girls who aren’t looking for them to stick around. Play your game carefully, and know when to throw away the black book and take a chance on love. Before…you get played.

    So, how many rules do you follow? How many of them should you stick to yet? How much of a fuckboy are you? We hope after going through the Fuck boy code we drew up, you’ll easily become one of us. Welcome to the club, mate!


    How do fuckboys start a conversation?

    With fuckboys, it is not what they say but how they do it. Fuckboys usually make eye contact with their prey and act self confident as well as determined. All their body language says that they do not accept no as an answer.

    How to win over a fuckboy on its own game?

    It depends on the reason why you want to win. If your aim is to get him in romantic relationships, then do not waste your time. Fuckboys are simply not made for that. In case you want to take revenge, then to beat the fuckboy at his own game, you need to stir up a strong desire for you in him. But be sure to never give in to him. Otherwise, once he gets you, he will lose interest in you and you will fail. Also, remember three important components that will help you to win: confidence, ego and boundaries.

    What should you do when you fall in love with a fuckboy?

    The good news is as you realize he is a fuckboy, you are on the right track. Then just make sure to take the following steps:

    1. Determine what you expect from a relationship with a fuckboy and why you need it. Whether it is an affirmation, lack of confidence or self respect, you should focus on these aspects, not on him.
    2. Cut off any connections with him, be it social media or real life.
    3. Once you start to lose your determination, look through your conversations with him to remind yourself how he treated you. So keep all the evidence intact (text messages, emails, etc.).
    4. Enlist the help of your friends or even a professional. You need support to go through it.
    5. Keep your head always busy so that you do not have time to even think about him. Thus, it is a perfect time to take up a new hobby.
    6. Accept the idea that love is not eternal. It will go as surely as the sun rises. Just keep in mind not to make the same mistake anymore.
    7. Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with respect. And remember that you deserve only the best and some fuckboy is not what you should settle for.

    How to know if a guy is a fuckboy

    You can pretty easily spot a fuckboy in the crowd by the way he is dressed and moves. His appearance is screaming attention. Thus, he never tolerates rivalry. He is manipulative and his only interest is sex. Should you ever meet such a guy, run for your life.


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