If you are looking for a trendy option to upgrade your facial hair style, then a beard fade is your sure way to go. It creates a smooth blended effect on your face for a softer and neater looking beard. There is a bazillion of beard fades though. So, you will not be limited in your choice. Check out our guide if you want to learn how to create a facial hair fade yourself.


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    What Do You Call A Beard Fade?

    So, what is a fade beard? If you know what a fade is, then it will not take you much effort to get an idea of a faded beard. This is a kind of a facial hair style when your beard is trimmed in altering lengths with the gradual transition from the shortest near the cheeks to the longest around the jawline.

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    Will A Faded Beard Work For Me?

    You might shy away from a faded beard for good reason. Although it has a number of benefits, it is obviously not for everyone. It is not only about how to style your beard but also about its maintenance. Thus, if you are not ready to devote it enough attention, you might want to try something else. Furthermore, you may be determined enough to get faded on your beard. However, your facial hair pattern may be inconsistent, thus resulting in a patchy beard, which is apparently impossible to transform into a decent fade.

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    Will I Be Able To Do It At Home?

    If you know how to fade, then most likely you will easily learn how to give yourself a fade, as the procedure is pretty much the same. If not, then first and foremost, you need to stock up on several special tools, namely a beard comb, a razor and an adjustable trimmer or clippers. Also, the technology matters. Luckily, we have explained it to you further.

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    Learn How To Fade Your Beard Like A Pro

    So, how do you trim a faded beard? Start with washing it first with a beard shampoo so that it would be fresh and clean. Then, proceed with a beard oil to hydrate it and brush your facial hair out to eliminate any tangles. Take the clippers or trimmer without grade and outline the outer edge of your beard around the neck, which should go in parallel with your jaw. Next, attach grade size two, which is 6 mm, and run the clippers downward from the ears to the chin. This will remove any extra fuzz.

    Now it is time to answer the burning question, how do you trim your beard? With no grade, trim about 1 cm of hair around the ears. Repeat this step below and above the previous section with grade size 1, which is 3 mm. With the blades open to 1.5, which is 4.5 mm, create a smooth transition between sections trimmed with 1 and 2 grades. With no guard and blades open to 0.5, which is 1.5 mm, create a smooth transition between sections trimmed with 0 and 1 grades. Finally, clean up the edges with a razor.


    How to Style A Faded Beard

    No matter what style of faded beards you are going to choose, you will need a pair of shears or a beard trimmer and a comb. Once you arm yourself with all the necessary tools, follow these steps:

    1. Run the trimmer all over your facial hair to achieve the desired length of the beard.
    2. Using a detailing clipper, trim the facial hair surrounding your mouth. Do not go for an overly short length though, as you will need something to work with later.
    3. Create a straight line, starting from your neckline toward Adam’s apple top. If you have any stray hair, take care to remove it.
    4. Map the fading point with a detail trimmer by joining the hair below the ears and the cheek line.
    5. With the zero setting on your clippers, trim the beard 0.5 in. down the fading point. Change the lever position to half an inch and continue moving downward.
    6. If you are aiming at a low faded beard, you can stop right there or keep fading until you achieve the desired effect.
    7. Clean the beard around the edges with a razor.
    8. Finish off with a tad of an aftershave lotion of your choice applied to the shaved areas.

    The Best Faded Beard Styles For Men

    Now that you know how to fade your own hair on your face, it is time to choose a trendy and flattering beard style. Luckily, there is a myriad of faded beard styles out there. Just pick the one that resonates with you most.


    Long Faded Beard

    Knowing how to fade a beard gives you plenty of benefits, as you no longer need to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing a long beard without looking shaggy. To achieve the best result in shaping a beard, the faded beard should blend with your hair. As for the length of the beard itself, it is totally up to you.

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    Mid-Length Faded Beard

    If you still hesitate how to do a fade, high or low, we recommend opting for the golden mean – a middle one. This beard style will look moderate yet fashionable, thus allowing you to sport it both to formal and casual events. Another great thing about this look is that it works perfectly for almost any hairstyle.

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    Short Faded Beard

    If you are not really into long beard styles, you can still pull off a beard fade. Instead, because of a minor difference in length between the hair on the cheeks and jawline, this type of a facial hair fade looks smoother and better blended than others. If you are wondering how to fade a beard for the ultimately gradual transition, just connect it to the faded hair on the head.

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    Skin Fade With Beard

    If you want to achieve a high-contrast look, then complement your haircut with a fade on the back and sides. For an ultimate boldness and sharpness, go for a high skin fade. As it creates a clean-cut appearance, you are welcome to blend it with a beard fade.

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    Thick Cropped Bang

    To get your beard faded, it is not necessary to trim it short. Thus, if you lean toward a long thick facial hair style, then you will still be able to pull it off with a beard fade. Start with the shortest hair around your temples and let it increase gradually until it joins your thick mustache.

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    Cropped Cut With Design

    If you prefer to be in the center of attention, then this look is made for you. A cropped haircut instantly makes you stand out in the crowd, especially if it is adorned with an intricate hair design. Plenty of short and long beard fade styles work perfectly for this look.

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    Black Men Faded Beard

    This is one of the most popular facial hairstyles for Afro men. It allows you to achieve a clean and neat look while giving your appearance an intricate twist. Besides, you are offered a myriad of both short faded beard styles as well as faded long beard styles to choose from.

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    Faux Hawk With Beard

    One of the coolest things about a fades is that your hairstyle of choice can be anything. Even if you decide to go for a bald fade on the sides and back, you still won’t feel “naked,” as the beard balances out the look.

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    Thick Buzzed Beard With Curls

    Guys who have naturally thick hair will find this buzzed beard style particularly flattering. As it thins out your facial hair, it becomes much easier to maintain. Thus, you can effortlessly achieve a dapper look, even if you rock a long hairstyle, such as a man bun.

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    Edged Light

    Do you like sharp and eye-catching hairstyles? We bet the same concerns the beard. Hence, we don’t see any reasons for you not to sport them in one solid look. To add it an edgy outline that will pull everything together, complement the style with a line up around the forehead and cheekbones.

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    As you can tell, the modern grooming world offers you a great deal of trendy beard fade types to match any taste and preferences. They range in length, style and ambiance they suit. Hopefully, we have provided you with enough information and inspiration to pull off a faded beard yourself.


    • A faded beard is an attractive, put together look that works for almost any face type. Source